My Story

Who am I? Here’s a brief history

I am Sofia Raisanen and am on a wanderlust journey.  I am tapping into my creativity through mediums of the art of journaling (free flow, poetry, drawing, goal setting, plant ideas ), writing, blogging and learning music production. I’m following my passions and breaking through resistance.

I am finding solutions.

My tools focus through The Art of Journaling.  I have 10 years experience with allowing this practice to fully flourish both my creativity and career path.

My expertise in the music industry resolves around the Networking, Communication, Writing, Blogging, Promotions, Public Relations, Brand Development, A&R ( Talent Scouting and Artist Development), Advising, Artist Management, Planting Ideas, Strategy, Music Marketing, Digital, Graphic Design and more.

Strengths in self development, communication & connecting the dots have led to profound growth and the ability to help others accomplish their goals.


Sofia Raisanen’s creativity stems from an intuitive self-reflection of ancient knowledge, an intuitive following of passions which has led into to the now. A first-generation American and Texas native, she is of Mexican and Finnish heritage. A true bilingual communicator, her fluency surrounds both Spanish and English, having developed a linguistic depth at a very young age. She attended the University of Colorado at Boulder from 2007-2010 and passionately pursued the creative fields of Communication and Linguistics ; one of her favorite Linguistics projects was focused in Morphology which consisted of breaking down the language of Gujarati, spoken in West India and figuring out its structure, syntax, and semantics, which ultimately furthered development in the field and learning the language in a rapid fashion. During profound moments spent in time in Boulder and surrounded by mountains in 2009, Sofia had the urge to pick up a blank journal which led to writing in it consistently, and as of today, it still remains a fresh passion.


2018 is a fresh new start.  Four months ago, I refocused my focus to place more flow on writing in a variety of styles and allowing more opportunities to arise. I will continue to tap into creative passions.


“That’s one thing I really love, says Sofia, the visual arts. The visual representation sets everything off.  Everything is visual; it’s the art of visualization that I’ve been doing way longer than the art of journaling.  IMAGINATION IS KEY.  More importantly, it’s the sound from within that has brought me to the visualization of it all.”

Proven to show authenticity, consistency & endless passion in creativity, it is no surprise that Sofia will forever continue flourish and therefore share many ideas into the music industry and beyond.

With over ten years of practicing through the art of journaling and six and a half years of experience in multiples fields within the music industry, Sofia Raisanen has developed a strong desire to create, elevate and inspire creative conscious change through passions.